12TH class exam notes cbse
  • 12TH class exam notes cbse

Board Exam Preparation class 12th – English


This exam preparation ebook will help you to get 100% marks in the cbse 2019 exams. All the questions & answers are arranged by the certified teachers with the analyzing of the last past years.


Ebook Description

In this ebook you will get appropriate exam notes of cbse upcoming exams 2019 class 12th english.

Learning Outcomes

  • Over 370 important question & answers.
  • Diagram Based examples.
  • Best suitable for low students.
  • Course content designed by the guidance of certified teachers.
  • Based on past years exam question papers.


Over 370 important question answers

Reading, writing, grammar, long , value based, novel based, question answers

Full time access

Language: English


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